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Games We going to playing today Tattletail The Kaleidoscope Expansion Birthdays the Beginning


Shoutout for everyone who Super Chat- sans the skeleton - $90.00 SuperPabloGaming YT - $25.00 Zuther PvPz - $21.00 sansisdatboi Nation - $22.00 Crystal3838 - $13.00 Evan Steinbrecher [AwesomeEvan45] - $13.00 Paula the Koala - $10.00 Red Panda PLAYZ IDK - £9.00 luis simental - $9.00 fadeface6092 - $7.00 Alexis Hernandez - $5.00 kirston ops - $5.00 Ennard Plays - $5.00 FPSProductions - $5.00 Paige Swirl - $4.00 FePlay - $2.00 Minecraft Mikey - $2.00 Fina Andrade - $2.00 Paula the Koala - $2.00 PixelatedBlock - $2.00 Luis Blondet - $2.00 thriftale - $1.00 Bonzi SpringBonnieTheSpringBunny/BSB -$ 1.00

Frequently asked questions

How are you playing and talking to us at the same time? My brother is playing and I'm talking to you guys.

What is your stream schedule? Everyday at 4PM EST

Whats your Favorite night in Tattletale? The Ritual

Who is your favorite character on fnaf?

Freddy and baby

What do you use to Record Open broadcaster Software

What is your favorite games? Tattletail, Afterbirth+, Odin Sphere, Yakuza, Bendy, Eternal Sonata, Undertale, Gitaroo Man, PaRappa the Rapper, Chrono trigger, final fantasy 6, Xenogears, Brave Fencer Musashi, Citizens of Earth, Final Fantasy Tactics, Earthbound, Blood Will Tell, and many more

What your favorite color? Red [My brother] Green[Me]

What your favorite animal? Cat or Dog

How old, are you? Around 20.

What your favorite Undertale Character? Sans, Frisk, Asriel and Undyne

Undertale: what Character are you Quiz Asriel [Me] Frisk [My brother/playing the game]

Undertale: Which Color Soul Are You? Perseverance [Me] Determination [My brother/playing the game]

The Mama challenge is how many time can we win mama without a lost. The MAMA Challenge [Win: 20]

Favorite YouTuber Beisde myself. Markiplier, avgn, jacksepticeye, pewdiepie, game theory, Did you know gaming, vsauce, Brave Wilderness.

Favorite Food? Pizza, Hamburger and Cereal

Do you have a PlayStation 4? Yes.

Do you have a Xbox360? Yes.

Why we keep replay the game over and over? My brother training to speed run it.

FRIEND LIST REACH MAX on Roblox. But you can still follow me - user name - VideoGameNews

My brother is in the chat with the name [CaptainRadGaming]

We got a NEW account CALL CaptainRadGaming [We post classic Games on it]

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