Mama Tattletail is a toy created by Waygetter Electronics that was discontinued shortly after her conception. She is the mother of all Tattletails, and the main antagonist of the game.


She Is The mother of The baby Talking tattletails. She Appears At Night 3 with a Grinding Noise Then The Player Puts A cursed tape Of Mama's Story that makes her Attack The Protagonist Untill The tattletails Make a ritual That will destroy Mama's Tape and Be gone. She Has a Tape deck at Her Chest and Her fur is brown The eyes Are red When savage And Brown When Normal and She has a white tuft On her Head. When in normal mode, She has Brown Fur and Brown Eye color And A Tape Deck When its in Savage Mode The Mama Has Torn Ears And Her Eyes are gone revealing glowing red LEDs. And Looking like That the cover of the tape deck is Gone.


She Attacks The Player spinning her head rapidly and her mouth opens wide, revealing six very sharp, pointy teeth. She Would Move when The player is not looking directly at Her. She teleports and Says These Things:

  • Mama's Looking After you..
  • Mama's Coming...
  • Come to Mama!
  • Mama will look after you!

She Is Frightening To The player And She will Jumpscare If you get to close or Looking at her Too long


She Can Read Tapes and Doesn't Say Anything Untill a Tape is Inside The tape deck. can Read Tapes and A Mother Of Baby Talking Tattletails. Can KILL the player With Only 1 bite.


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