December 20, 1998 5 Days Till Christmas.

The First Night Is when The player Takes Tattletail Out of The box then It Started By the player Took Tattletail out of the Box

December 21, 1998 4 Days Till Christmas.

When you wake up you Hear a Noise Coming From the Washing machine And Tattletail Was In it and this Night you do More things Are Brushing and charging

December 22, 1998 3 Days Till Christmas.

When You hear A Weird sound You find out It's just [Mama Tattletail mama Tattletail] Then It Plays a Tape of Mama's Story That was cursed.

December 23, 1998 2 Days Till Christmas.

This is when Mama Tattletail Starts Chasing you Around and When Yellow and blue Start Having Hide and Seek.

December 24, 1998 Christmas Eve.

When Its The last Night The Tattletails Setup a Ritual to destroy Mama Tattletail

December 25, 1998 Christmas.

When You unbox Tattletail And you Get the golden Flashlight but if you didn't correct all the Eggs your box will be empty then Mama Tattletail Jumpscares you.


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