The kaleidoscope update is a big update for Tattletail including The game

  • Mama being Banned
  • Tattletail's Voice
  • Game being Scay
  • Some gitchs fixed

This is The commerical Of The tattletail.

Tattletail™ Commercial-000:37

Tattletail™ Commercial-0

kaleidoscope commerical


Baby talking tattletail

Touch can then you'll hear him say


You can Feed Him treats He really Eats!

Baby talking tattletail

he can telk when Mama's There

She's your best friend!

She was Never Banned

Baby Talking Tattle

baby talking tattle

Baby Talking Tattletail! X10


The Commerical is okay when its reserved but the Normal tattletail is Like a RITUAL So I hope You Play It and watch The gameplay!

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